22/SPR JC Course Syllabi 01/10/22-04/30/22

Sem140 H2 Syllabus

Sem140 H2 Syllabus

by Carmelia Hawkins -
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Jackson College Logo 22 Spring Semester

Seminar in Life Pathways

SEM 140 (H2)


Number of Credits: 3 credits

Days Class Meets: Thursday

Meeting Times: 11:00AM-12:27PPM

Location/Venue: James McDevitt- Room 115

Instructor: Carmelia Kay Hawkins

Contact Email: Hawkinscarmeklik@jccmi.edu

Online Office Hours: Email me your questions and concerns


Course Description

Students will learn about, develop and apply On Course principles/characteristics that are necessary for success in education, careers and life. Through the Life Map Project, students will understand the rigor and requirements of their identified career pathway, set completion goals (skill set, concentration, certificate, degree and/or transfer), and create a student education plan. Students registered in a Seminar in Life Pathway are expected to bring their own laptop-style computer to every class for their use in this course. For technical specifications and the potential to use financial aid to purchase to use financial aid to purchase an appropriate device refer to JC’s Text Book Zero web site.



Course Goals

In SEM 140, we will

Assess our career interests and aptitudes and create an academic plan, through completion of the course pack and final project.

Learn principles and apply strategies that improve our ability to succeed in courses, persist in our college career, and achieve our goals.

Increase communication, leadership, and interdependence skills through group work and discussions with peers as well as College instructors/staff.

Access and effectively use college resources.  

Build critical thinking skills through exploring active reading and writing strategies.

Course Objectives


  • On Course, 9th Edition, by Skip Downing, ISBN: 9780357694602

Learn about the new textbook program at JC

For account billing questions, please contact the Jackson College Cashier at jccashier@jccmi.edu


Laptop/desktop computer with reliable internet access throughout the term

Grading Procedure

Required Course Assignments



Course Pack, Pathway Exploration, and Long Term Plan



On Course content, additional weekly Activities/Assignments, Final



Attendance and Participation in weekly class and group forums







Grading Scale


Grade Range




















Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty is defined as ethical behavior that includes student production of their own work and not representing others' work as their own, by cheating or by helping others to do so.


Plagiarism is defined as the failure to give credit for the use of material from outside sources. Plagiarism includes but is not limited to:

  • Submitting other's work as your own
  • Using data, illustrations, pictures, quotations, or paraphrases from other sources without adequate documentation
  • Reusing significant, identical or nearly identical portions of one’s own prior work without acknowledging that one is doing so or without citing this original work (self-plagiarism)

Cheating is defined as obtaining answers/material from an outside source without authorization. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarizing in any form
  • Using notes/books/electronic material without authorization
  • Copying
  • Submitting others' work as your own or submitting your work for others
  • Altering graded work
  • Falsifying data
  • Exhibiting other behaviors generally considered unethical
  • Allowing your work to be submitted by others


Jackson College understands that cultivating a broadly diverse community is crucial to our educational mission and to our foundational commitment to leadership and service. Jackson College is fully committed to ensuring our courses are accessible to everyone including those with disabilities. We are currently working to increase accessibility and usability of our course materials in order to meet or exceed the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. For more information about Jackson College’s efforts to ensure accessibility please visit the Jackson College accessibility web page.

If you have an accessibility need in any of our classes please e-mail the Center for Student Success at JCCSS@jccmi.edu or visit the Center for Student Success web page.


At the Center for Student Success (CSS), we are committed to providing all students the opportunity to achieve academic success by providing a variety of support services free of charge to Jackson College students. This includes, but is not limited to, peer and faculty tutoring, mental health referral, temporary assistance with transportation, various workshops/seminars, and the TRIO program.

In addition, the CSS staff is committed to adapting the College’s general services to meet the individual needs of otherwise qualified students with disabilities, for the purpose of providing equal access to all programs and facilities.

Oasis Center

During a student’s college experience, one might encounter situations that impact their learning environment. When these situations occur, support from the Oasis Center is available to provide short-term assistance. If the situation requires ongoing support, the Oasis Center staff can provide that level of support or will assist the individual in securing an outside agency to provide it.

For more information visit the Jackson College Oasis Center webpage https://www.jccmi.edu/the-oasis-center/

Health Clinic

Jackson College has partnered with Henry Ford Allegiance Health to offer healthcare to Jackson College students and employees. The Jackson College Health Clinic (JCHC) is located on Central Campus in the Justin Whiting Hall, Room 111. The caring and professional staff at the JCHC provides quality healthcare, including annual exams (physicals, program physicals and sports physicals), acute and chronic illness care and preventative health care (It’s Your Life).

For more information visit the Jackson College Health Clinic webpage https://www.jccmi.edu/health-clinic/

Dental Clinic

Community members may utilize Jackson College Dental Hygiene Clinic, which offers dental hygiene services while helping students gain experience. Students work under the supervision of license dental hygiene instructor and dentist as they offer preventative services.

For more information visit the Jackson College Dental Clinic webpage https://www.jccmi.edu/dental-hygiene/dental-hygiene-dental-clinic/

Course Management

Makeup Policy


Academic Advising

Student success navigators serve not only as academic advisors but as a student’s academic, financial, and total resource advocate or coach.

Students will have an assigned navigator to meet with for advising and any questions they may have. Navigators will serve as the “go-to” person to help students throughout the college experience.

It is important to know your Student Success Navigator.  You may find your Navigator by visiting this website https://www.jccmi.edu/academics/academic-advising/ and click on your pathway. You should also receive an email from your Navigator at the beginning of the semester. 

Student Responsibilities

Requirements beyond scheduled classes or laboratories, e.g., clinicals, extra credit assignments, TBA sessions, field placement, special project instructions, contract learning conditions, study hours required outside class, unscheduled class meetings, attendance at concerts or other required events.

Attendance- Participation Policy

Just as in a traditional classroom course, regular class participation and keeping up on the reading and assignments is strongly correlated with survival in college. It is my recommendation that you plan to do your assignments and take your exams BEFORE the last day they are due. If problems occur, there is time to fix them before the deadline.

In compliance with Federal Title IV funding requirements, as well as college initiatives, I will be monitoring student participation on a regular basis and officially reporting student activity throughout the term to assure compliance with college policy and federal regulations.  It is imperative that you log in to the course and actively participate within the first couple days of the term to validate your enrollment in the course. After that, not actively participating in class may result in you being withdrawn from the course. Being withdrawn from a course can have an impact on financial aid, billing, athletic eligibility, and housing status. As a college student you are responsible for how your participation impacts your academic progress; the accountability lies with you.


Note: There will be live sessions during the semester that will include a Welcome session, the Library, Overview of PathwayU, and an overview of the Final Project. Each session will be recorded and posted on JetNet after they have been completed. If you can not attend, you will be responsible with e-mailing the instructor before the session and a one page review of the session.


Please note: The format and timing of this course may need to change due to unforeseen circumstances. In particular: school closings, instructor illness, weather, or other situations that may arise. If you are taking an in -person class, you will be required to complete a Reintegration Video Training course in JetNet prior to being admitted to campus. All COVID safety protocols in place are based on current guidelines and will be enforced while students are on campus.


Below is our detailed class assignment schedule. Each assignment is due by Sunday of each week by 11:59 pm. First post for class forums are due by Fridays and the a reply by Sunday at 11:59 pm. Please note this is subject to change with adequate notification given to students. Check JetNet for updates






Fridays and Sundays

Class Forums

Forum Posts and Responses


January 16, 2022


Syllabus Review

Welcome Assignment

E-mail from your Jackson College E-mail


January 23, 2022

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Review

Course Pack Pages 20-22

Course Pack Pages 30-35

Happiness Institute Signature Strength Inventory


January 30, 2022

Chapter 1 and 2

Journal Entry 3

Soft Skills Self-Assessment

CSFI Assessment

Chapter 2 Review

Course Pack Page 44


February 6, 2022

Chapter 4

Course Pack Pages 45-51

Course Pack Pages 52-55

Journal 12

Chapter 4 Review


February 13, 2022

Chapter 3

Course Pack Pages 62-65

Journal 11

Chapter 3 Review

28 Day Challenge Start


February 20, 2022

Chapter 5

Course Pack Pages 66-69

Chapter 5 Review

Journal Entry 18

Journal Entry 19


February 27, 2022

Course Pack Items

Course Pack Pages 80-81

Course Pack Pages 89-91

Mid-Course Evaluation


March 6, 2022

Chapter 6

Journal Entry 21

On Course Study Skills Self-Assessment

Chapter 6 Review

Pathway Showcase

Mid-Semester Break

March 7 to 13


March 20, 2022

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Review

Journal Entry 25

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life, and Leadership


March 27, 2022

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Review

Course Pack Pages 128-131

Journal Entry 29

28 Day Challenge Due


April 3, 2022

Chapter 9

PathwayU Follow Up

Course Pack Pages 139-141

Letter to Future Self

Long Term Plan

Chapter 9 Review


April 10, 2022

Final Project

SEM 140 Final Project

Course Evaluation


Important Dates: