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ACC 240-I60

ACC 240-I60

by Suzanne Long -
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Course Description
Transfer information
Course Objectives & Goals

Intermediate Accounting, Wahlen, 3rdedition. Our class is Intermediate Accounting I and includes chapters CH 1 to 12. There is also a second class in your bachelor’s degree program, Intermediate II, which includes the remaining topics found in chapters 13-22.

Cengage Unlimited $119.99, includes e-text and online access, 1 term (4 months), ISBN-13: 9780357700006, ISBN-10: 0357700007

JC Bookstore - $100 e-text full text ISBN 978-1-337-78828-1, $100 rental, $150 Loose-leaf, $350 hardcover

CengageNOWv2 enrollment link:
Cengage Unlimited. The materials required for this course are included in Cengage Unlimited. No matter how many Cengage products you use, they are included in Cengage Unlimited, and the price stays the same. Cengage Unlimited includes all Cengage access codes and access to all Cengage online textbooks. You can purchase access to Cengage Unlimited at the JC bookstore or at cengage.com. The following accounting courses at Jackson College use Cengage textbooks: ACC 115, ACC 214, ACC 234, ACC 240.

Cengage Unlimited features include:

Cost is $119.99 per semester, $179.99 per year or $239.99 for two years

FREE 14-day access while your financial aid is being sorted out

Print textbooks available as a one semester rental for $7.99 and free shipping

Additional features include extras from Chegg, Kaplan, Quizlet, study tools and a career center

Textbook on reserve. There is one copy of the textbook materials for this class on reserve at the JC central campus library in the WA building. Library location, hours and information are available here: https://www.jccmi.edu/library/.

Text Book Zero! This text is available in a digital format. Please see the links posted on our class Jet Net site. This text is available to rent or purchase in digital format through the JC Bookstore.

Macs, Chromebooks and Other Essentials

Academic Honesty Policy
Course Management
Attendance Policy

Due Dates, Late Policy, Grading Policy
JetNet Forum

Instead of typical online forums, you will complete two weekly forum responses in ACC 234. Each week, you are required to respond to two forum areas, 5 points per area, 10 forum points total for the week. The two areas are called: Week 1 Content Response and Week 1 Process Response. You can post during or at the end of your work each week. Forum posting is due by Monday midnight each week.

Chapter 0 Start Up Assignments including the required Accounting Review
To succeed with Intermediate Accounting, you need to review and get your financial accounting skills ready to go. To do this, we will complete the required sections of the Accounting Review during our first week. Brush up on your debits, credits, journal entries, accounts, financial statements and more. It would be best to complete this review during the break week and prior to the start of the class on 10/28/2019. You can also use this review later for extra credit as a form of practice and review for the Mid-term Exam. Other Chapter 0 assignments include an Intro to CengageNow and Success with Accounting. You can earn a maximum of 40 points. Chapter 0 assignments are due on our first Monday midnight due date.
Extra Credit #1 – Accounting Review Module
You can complete additional review sections in the Accounting Review for extra credit. These will be open all semester and can be used as overall review for chapters and exams. You can earn a maximum of 20 extra credit points. Extra Credit #1 is due by Monday 12/17/2019 at the very end of the class.
CengageNow Text
CengageNow Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos)

CengageNow Homework
CengageNow Homework is due Monday midnight.
Original Excel Homework
We will prepare traditional, formal accounting work in Excel, similar to what you would see in the workplace. Refer to the syllabus schedule for specific Excel homework problems assigned. Refer to the weekly forum for suggestions, hints and sometimes check figures too! 10% of your Original Excel homework score is based on your presentation and use of Excel. Excel Homework is due by Monday midnight each week.

There will be 2 exams: Mid-term Exam and Final Exam. I am hoping to work with Cengage to create multiple choice test questions in Cengage Now. This will be Part 1 to be combined with Part 2, which will include your original work in Excel with accounting problems. Use JetNet for all mid-term exam and final exam directions. Exams will be completed in a 48-hour window. Each exam will open on Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM and must be completed by Monday midnight. Exams are due by Monday midnight of each exam week.

Extra Credit #2 – CPA Exam Review Questions

Another extra credit option available to you is to complete the CPA Exam Review Questions found at the end of each chapter. For example, see pg 2-26. Complete these questions in CengageNow. It would be best to complete these questions week by week and not all at once. You can earn another 30 extra credit points maximum for this work. Extra Credit #2 is due by our final course due date Monday 12/17/2019

Comparison of ACC 234 vs ACC 240

Course includes:

ACC 234

ACC 240

Total chapters included



CH 0 start-up assignments



Forums: public content forum and private forum with Suzanne



CengageNow text



CengageNow Adaptive Learning Quizzes & Videos



CengageNow Homework



Original Excel Homework



Mid-term & Final Exams
ACC 234 – exams as integrative exercises
ACC 240 - as traditional exams



Projects = chapter video review and course portfolio of all chapters



Extra Credit
ACC 234 - as another integrative exercise
ACC 240 - as accounting review work & also as sample CPA exam questions




Technology issues

Semester Schedule for 7-week ACC 240
Mon 10/28/2019 – Tues 12/17/2019






Fall semester A




Fall break

  • Begin CH 0 assignments, especially the review!


Week 1


CH 0 Start Up


CH 1 Demand and Supply of Financial Accounting Information

Week 1 Forum

CH 0 Assignments:

How to Use CengageNow (5 pts)

Success with Accounting (5 pts)

Accounting Review (30 pts)

CH 1 Assignments:

CH 1 Text

CH 1 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 1 Homework (5)

CH 1 Originals C1-1, C1-7, C1-12 (10)

Mon 11/4

Week 2


CH 2 Financial Reporting: Its Conceptual Framework


CH 3 Review of a Company’s Accounting System

Week 2 Forum

CH 2 Assignments:

CH 2 Text

CH 2 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 2 Homework (10)

CH 2 Originals C2-1, C2-10, C2-12 (10)

CH 3 Assignments:

CH 3 Text

CH 3 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 3 Homework (20)

CH 3 Originals P3-17 (10)

Mon 11/11

Week 3


CH 4 The Balance Sheet and the Statement of Stockholder’s Equity


CH 5 The Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows

Week 3 Forum

CH 4 Assignments:

CH 4 Text

CH 4 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 4 Homework (20)

CH 4 Originals P4-4-14 (10)

CH 5 Assignments:

CH 5 Text

CH 5 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 5 Homework (20)

CH 5 Originals P5-8 (10)

Mon 11/18

Week 4



Chapter M
Time Value of Money


Mid-term Exam

Week 4 Forum

Chapter M Assignments:

CH 5 Text (go to text directly)

CH 5 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 5 Homework (20)

CH 5 Originals PM-17 (10)

Mid-term Exam

Mon 11/25

Week 5


CH 6 Cash & Receivables



CH 7 Inventory

Week 5 Forum

CH 6 Assignments:

CH 6 Text (go to text directly)

CH 6 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 6 Homework (20)

CH 6 Originals P6-15 (10)

CH 7 Assignments:

CH 7 Text (go to text directly)

CH 7 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 7 Homework (20)

CH 7 Originals P7-17 (10)

Mon 12/2

Week 6


CH 10 Property, Plant and Equipment



CH 11 Depreciation, Depletion, Impairment and Disposal

Week 6 Forum

CH 10 Assignments:

CH 10 Text (go to text directly)

CH 10 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 10 Homework (20)

CH 10 Originals P10-4 (10)

CH 11 Assignments:

CH 11 Text (go to text directly)

CH 11 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 11 Homework (20)

CH 11 Originals P11-20 (10)

Mon 12/9

Week 7


CH 12 Intangibles





Final Exam

Week 7 Forum

CH 12 Assignments:

CH 12 Text (go to text directly)

CH 12 Adaptive Learning (Quiz & Videos) (10)

CH 12 Homework (20)

CH 12 Originals P12-9 (10)

Extra Credit #2 CPA Exam Review Questions

Final Exam

Mon 12/16

Note: Chapters 8, 9, 13-22 will be included in future courses in an accounting bachelor’s degree program such as Intermediate Accounting II and Advanced Accounting.

Grading Scale


Homework Plan
7-week sample week in ACC 240






Weekly forum – read how the week will go, check suggestions

First chapter - CengageNow Adaptive Learning Quiz & CengageNOW homework



Weekly forum – post during your work, now and any day

First chapter - CengageNOW homework & Original Excel homework

Check over homework from the week before



Take one day off per week (Friday or Sunday recommended!)




Weekly forum – post during your work, now and any day

Second chapter - CengageNow Adaptive Learning Quiz & CengageNOW homework



Weekly forum – post during your work, now and any day

Second chapter - CengageNOW homework & Original Excel homework



Weekly forum – finish all forum posting for the week, make sure you’re hit the minimum

Complete any open work



Weekly forum – finish all forum posting for the week, make sure you’re hit the minimum

Complete any open work

Weekly due date = Tuesday midnight



What is Financial Accounting?