Fall 2019 Syllabi



by Kristen Brown -
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Welcome to Macroeconomics!

Textbooks Required:

  1. Economics: Public and Private Choice, 16th Edition 2018, Author: Gwartney, ISBN-13: 9781305506725

*Note: using Gwartney’s stand-alone Macroeconomics: Public and Private Choice text is acceptable, but be advised that the chapter numbers are different. Also, if you wish to use an older edition of either Gwartney’s combined Economics text or stand-alone Macroeconomics text, the 15th and 14th editions are acceptable- and much cheaper!

  1. Economics of Public Issues, 20th Edition, Author(s): Miller, Benjamin, North. ISBN-13: 978-0134531984

Textbook Zero: each of the required texts are available in both paper and digital formats.