Spring 2018 Syllabi

BUA 130: Customer Service

BUA 130: Customer Service

by Patti Benson -
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BUA 130: Customer Service

Jackson College

2018 Syllabus

Instructor: Patti Benson, MBA              Thursdays 9:00-11:26 am

E-mail: pbenson@jccmi.edu                   Dates: 5/24/18 – 8/9/18

JC Solution Center: (517) 796-8639       Hybrid-Guided Learning Plus




Course Description: In the face of change, an uncertain economy, and intensive competition, the student will learn how to build customer service skills that will have an impact on one’s career success as well as success in other areas of your life. The core element of service quality will be applied to both people-centered and technology-centered businesses, industries and organizations. The ultimate goal of this course is to improve students’ abilities to communicate effectively with internal and external customers.


 Teaching Methods: Lectures will be used to introduce, explain, and summarize subject matter. Also, class discussions will emphasize current business trends, procedures, and problems. Class participation will consist of discussions, field trip, interviews, case analyses, and problem solving. Internet activities and media programs may be used. Student discussion and questioning is encouraged.


 Note: Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations, please contact the Office of Learning Support Service at 787-0800 ext. 8270 as soon as possible so that such accommodations can be made in a timely manner.


Course Objectives: In this class you will participate in a variety of experiences and exercises designed so that you can:

·         Recognize techniques for creating customer loyalty by  exceeding expectations in value, information, convenience and timing

·         Gain tools for dealing with/recovering lost customers

·         Engage and lead internal/external customers

·         Ability to gather performance-enhancing feedback

·         Create processes/experiences for service excellence

·         Make dramatic improvements in communication behaviors: listening, writing, and speaking.

·         Gain awareness of the challenges and opportunities in customer service

·         Learn to gather performance-enhancing feedback




Required Materials: Customer Service 6th ed. by Timm





  1. Read text and complete assignments before coming to class.
  2. Attend all classes and be on time. If you are absent you are still responsible for all information presented and for turning in any assignments that are due.
  3.  Please remember to contact your “support” classmates for questions and missed information.
  4. Participate in class activities and discussions in a responsible/considerate manner.
  5. Successfully pass six exams and successfully complete required assignments.


Grading:                                                                     Point-Based Grading Scale:

6 Tests at 50 points each =      300 points              550-600= 4.0 (92%)

Activities/Assignments =        300 points              510-549= 3.5 (85%)

Total Possible                          600 points              480-509= 3.0 (80%)

        450-479= 2.5 (75%)

                                                                                420-449= 2.0 (70%)

        380-419= 1.5 (63%)

                                                                                350-379= 1.0 (58%)

                                                                                320-349= 0.5 (53%)

                                                                                 Below 320= 0.0


Tests: All tests will be made up of true/false, multiple choice, and short answer questions. Make-up tests will be given only in extreme emergencies as determined by the instructor (instructor must be notified prior to test date for consideration).


Classroom Activities: Participation with in-class activities is worth a portion of the total classroom points and will include opportunities limited to classroom time. Therefore, attendance will be essential to complete the activities (and earn the corresponding points).


Assignments:  NO ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED LATE (after collected at the beginning of class or after the online due date/time is considered late). Assignments will be given at the beginning of the semester for students to complete outside the classroom. These assignments will require students to investigate and apply concepts we are studying in the classroom. All assignments must be typed using correct spelling and proper grammar. 


Your success will depend upon the time you spend in and outside of the class. JC administration and the federal government now require faculty to file attendance regularly throughout the term. Filing dates are noted on the Course Calendar. Your report is available online. Note the Course Calendar identifies GRD #1, GRD #2, and GRD #3 as when each of these reports is due by the instructor.


   “H”—the student needs “help” and a notification goes to the Center for Student Success.
   “V”—the instructor “verifies” that the student is participating and doing acceptable work.
   “Q”—the student is not participating or attending and the instructor believes they have unofficially withdrawn.  A “Q” will result in an administrative interruption from the course. ***If a student wishes to withdraw from the course it is the responsibility of the student to officially withdraw.


By continuing with this class, the student agrees to all conditions and requirements of the class as set forth in all parts of the syllabus and on the class web site, including but not limited to due dates, grading policies, methods of communication, academic honesty, attendance and all procedures and requirements. The syllabus and other documents may be modified by the instructor at any time.



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