Winter 2018 Syllabi

Understanding Music MUSC 131.12 Winter 2018

Understanding Music MUSC 131.12 Winter 2018

by Christine Guarino -
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Greetings! I will be your instructor for the Winter 2018 Understanding Music online course (MUS 131.12) which begins January 15th.  This course is a TBZ (Text book Zero) course here at Jackson, which means the course is delivered completely digitally, online, and the software you will need is called OnMusic Appreciation, v.4. After registering  for the course through Jackson College, you will need to purchase this software at your bookstore or online at, and at that point, follow the directions to be immediately entered into the class.

The syllabus is attached, and I think it is all self-explanatory, but if anything is not clear, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email so I can be of assistance.

I look forward to sharing this musical journey with you, and wish you all the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.

Warm regards, Christine Guarino

Text Book Zero: This course uses online resources as a text. The access code for these resources may be purchased in the bookstore.

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