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Jackson  College
MOA120 - Medical Terminology Online

Course Syllabus
Instructor: Amanda Hiram

E-Mail: hiramamandam@jccmi.edu

Course ID: 157721_aamandahiram_1001


Credits: 3


Course Description: A programmed learning word building system approach is used to teach basic medical terminology word roots, prefixes, suffixes, language origins, plural formation and grammar rules are studied. Emphasis is placed on word building, definitions, spelling, usage, pronunciation and acceptable medical abbreviations.

Course Goal Statement: On completion of this course, the student will be able to identify, spell, and define all the primary medical terms related to the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of the major body systems.

Course Competencies

1. Describe the origin of medical terms.

2. Define the four word parts and the combining vowel.

3. Build, analyze, and define medical terms using word parts.

4. Describe organizational components of the body, directional terms, anatomic planes, regions, and quadrants.

5. Identify the major body system structures and their related word parts.

6. Define medical terms related to diseases and disorders.

7. Define diagnostic terms for each body system.

8. Identify plural endings for medical terms.

9. Define surgical terms related to each body system.

10. Define medical terms commonly used in obstetrics and neonatology.

11. Define medical terms used in oncology.

12. Recognize common abbreviations used in each body system and specialty area.

13. Pronounce medical terms.

14. Spell medical terms.


Assessments of Competencies:

Student must achieve a score of 85% to pass this course. Assessments will consist of: module quizzes, exams and the final exam.  Questions are conceptual based to measure knowledge, pronunciation of terms, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Attendance Policy: The modules will begin on Monday and end Sunday at 11:00pm, all module tasks are due on SUNDAY @ 11pm. This course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace throughout the week. You can access class any time of the day or night. 

Required Text: Lafleur textbook & online course (10th Edition): 9780323295505

Retails for $128.27.  Purchased in the JC bookstore includes all necessary access codes for the Evolve Classroom

When using Evolve avoid using Internet Explorer.  Chrome or Firefox is most suitable and reliable. 

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to participate and be prepared for each session. It is presumed by the facilitator that assignment, including reading, will be completed on time prior to material on subjects being presented; such preparations allows the student the best learning opportunities to understand material presented and pose questions in areas requiring clarity. The pace of this course makes it very difficult for a student to catch up once a student falls behind.

It is highly suggested by the instructor that students utilize as many references as possible to enhance their learning and understanding. It is the student’s responsibility to secure an internet connection. Students using dial up internet access will experience long delays opening some of the files.


Instructor's Responsibilities

The facilitator’s responsibilities include facilitate learning by providing and explaining the necessary materials for each student to understand the assignments and develop course goals, objectives, and performance objectives

Course Methods

Course Modules/Teaching Methods

Jackson College works with Elsevier Evolve Medical Terminology Classroom.  Students will access the Evolve Classroom to work through course content; Innovative and dynamic lessons, activities, quizzes and exams.  Students are required to access the Evolve Classroom and complete the quizzes and exams for grade.  The resources provided within evolve are interactive and provide a diverse learning classroom. 

Grades will be available within Evolve gradebook and a file will be saved with JetNet at the end of the course.

The nature of online education is different than traditional classroom participation. The student is expected to access each week's modules several times a week, even daily. I will monitor the Questions and Answers Forum within Jetnet and post responses to questions/comments and hold class discussions.  I will use the News Forum within Jetnet to announce pertinent information pertaining to class.  Check these forums often.  

Quizzes, Examinations ~ All module tasks are DUE by Sunday @ 11pm.

Module~ Chapter Quizzes: There will be a 1-3 quizzes per chapter. You will have multiple attempts and highest grade will be used.

All module EXAMS are timed, you are given between 20-40 sec per question to answer.   This was put in place so you don't use your books to finish them. If you know the material well enough, the allotted time should be more than enough. Please pay close attention to the spelling of the terms as well as the definitions; if you misspell a word it is wrong. Also, when learning your abbreviations, make sure you know if they are capitalized or in small case letters! Abbreviations can mean something completely different if they are capitalized versus small case.

You may occasionally come across a question in which there is more than one correct answer and the computer may mark your answer wrong, this is why I urge you to look over your exam after the computer has graded it and e-mail me with any questions you may have. I will be happy to adjust your score if needed or give explanation for incorrect answers.

It is HIGHLY suggested and expected that you begin your weekly assignments early in the week, do not wait until the last minute to complete them as multiple unexpected problems could arise and I will not grant extra completion time for assignments unless it is due to sickness (requiring hospitalization) or family death. GET STARTED EARLY!!




Final Exam Graded Pronunciations~ Students are required to pronounce terms via telephone or e-mail recording file. I will provide you a list of pronunciation terms about mid semester.  This is worth 30 points on your final exam.  Terms will be posted on JetNet on a class forum.   Late submissions are not accepted. 

Final Exam: The final examination, covering chapters 1-16 will be administered online and is a proctored exam. See syllabus for due date.  If you are an out of state student or live more than 100 miles away you may take your final exam at another institution but it MUST be approved by me.  You will need to provide your proctor information to me NO LATER than July 14, 2017 located within class forums section.

Evaluation Methods

A 3.0 or "B" is a passing grade for most second admit programs at Jackson College. Only courses with passing grades count toward graduation(2.0 or higher). Other colleges transfer in only courses with passing grades. Many financial aid sources, including most employers, require passing grades. Additionally, earning less than a 2.0 in a class results in not being able to participate in the next level of courses in a program that requires this course as a pre-requisite. If you attempt to register for the next course sequence and have not passed the pre-requisite course, you will be dropped from that class.

30% of grade

Module  Exams

30% of grade


40% of grade

Final exam

Grading Criteria

Unless stated otherwise, grading is on the following scale.

4.0 100-94%
3.5 93-90 %
3.0 89-85 %
2.5 80-84 %
2.0 79-75 %
1.5 74-70 %
1.0 69-64 %
0.5 63-60 %
0.0 Below 60

 Final Exam- The exam is PROCTORED

The  final exams will consist of a minimum of 230 questions. The exam will consist of a combination of multiple choice, matching, abbreviation, and 30 pronunciations terms. The final exam is worth 40% of the final grade.

The pronunciation portion of the final exam will require you to pronounce medical terms to me via telephone or e-mail with a recording device.  

Distance Proctored Examination Policies and Procedures-  Final Exam

Students who live greater than 100 miles from JC’s main campus are approved to locate a proctor within his or her area. You will need to make arrangements for a proctored exam according to the guidelines listed below. All students living within 100 miles of JC must take the final exam at JC’s main campus testing center.

All proctors must be submitted by the deadline given by the instructor. No Exceptions!
*Please read carefully through the following instructions regarding your final exam.*

1. Make sure I approve the proctor; by the deadline. It is your responsibility to find a proctor and schedule a time to take the final. You need to e-mail me with the following information: Proctor's name – address – phone number – e-mail address

2. The proctor cannot be a relative or friend of the student.
3. The proctor cannot benefit from the success of the student is this class.
4. The proctor can be a college instructor, a librarian or another college testing center.

Note: The e-mail address must be a library, college or testing center that I am mailing the exam to. This is to verify that the exam is sent to a qualified proctor. I will not email instructions to a "home" email address.

8-Week Medical Terminology Course Outline

Week 1

(June 19)

Introduction to Medical Language and online learning~ DUE DATE: June 25, 2017

Body Structure, Color, Oncology~Due DATE: June 25,  2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 1 and 2, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities

Week 2

(June 26)

Directional Terms, Planes, Regions, Quadrants~ Due Date: July 2, 2017
Integumentary System~ Due Date: July 2, 2017  

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 3 and 4, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities (optional):  Complete all associated module activities

Week 3

(July 3)

Respiratory System and Introduction to Diagnostic Procedures and Tests~Due Date: July 9, 2017
Urinary System~Due Date: July 9, 2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 5 and 6, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities. 

Week 4

(July 10)

 Male Reproductive System. ~ Due Date: July 16, 2017

Female Reproductive System ~Due Date: July 16, 2017

Obstetrics and Neonatology~Due Date: July 16, 2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 7, 8, and 9, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities

Week 5

(July 17)

Cardiovascular, Immune, Lymphatic Systems and Blood~ Due Date: July 23, 2017

Digestive System ~ Due Date: July 23, 2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 10 and 11, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities

Week 6

(July 24)

Eye ~ Due Date: July 30, 2017

Ear ~Due Date: July 30, 2017

Musculoskeletal System ~Due Date: July 30, 2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 12, 13, and 14, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities

Week 7

(July 31)

Nervous System and Behavior Health and Endocrine System~ Due Date: August 6, 2017
Endocrine System~ Due Date: August 6, 2017

Assignment: Read and Study Chapters 15 and 16, Complete module quizzes and exams
Module activities(optional): Complete all associated module activities

Week 8

(August 7)

Final Exam Testing Period: August 7-11, 2017

Exam to be taken at JC main campus testing center unless you have made other arrangements with ME.


HQV Grades:

What are HQV grades? HQV grades are mandated by the federal government to be entered for each student throughout the semester. These grades verify or confirm that a student is participating in class or not participating. If a student does not access class for a period greater than 7 class days an H will be recorded. If a student does not access class for a period greater than 14 class days, a Q will be recorded. Once a student is “Q’d” I will not allow re-admission into class.

H= Help, Q= Quit, V=Verify