Winter 2017 Syllabi



by Ronald Harris -
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Welcome to CIS 101.50  Intro To Computers  Winter Term 2017

This course will meet on Friday Mornings from 8:30 am.  to 12:08 pm. each week
from 2/10/17 to 5/5/17.   Instructor Ron Harris: 

I have been teaching Intro To Computers for over 14 years and have learned a great
deal about how to help students learn to master Microsoft Office applications.  I look
forward to seeing you in class. 

Please make every effort to attend the first day of class and come prepared having purchased
an Access code to the course E-book and On-line site.   We will be helping everyone
get started that first day so it is to your advantage to be there and get a great start!

If you you have questions feel free to email me at

Ron Harris