Winter 2017 Syllabi



by Jennifer Burd -
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Welcome to the class!


Welcome to ENG 254.71, Winter semester 2017. I'm looking forward to working with each one of you!


We will be meeting in room 131 at the Adrian Campus. Beginning with our second meeting on January 25, I will hold office hours from 1:30 – 2:20 p.m. in room 207.


In this class, we will look at a great diversity of children's literature – from board books to graphic novels, from nonfiction to fantasy, all covering a great range of subject matter.


There are many good reasons to study children's literature. Even if you are not planning to become a teacher of children, you will likely have children in your life at some point or another, and learning to identify and appreciate good children's literature will help you to help children learn about the world. We'll also talk about activities to do with children related to the books we read.


And, children's literature is just plain enjoyable! In fact, it's also written with adults in mind, since they're the ones who read to young children. Many children's books are filled with poetic language, interesting insights, great factual knowledge, and beautiful illustrations. We will explore all of these things and learn to identify characteristics of quality.


Children's literature is something I'm passionate about. I'm an avid reader of children's books, and as a poet, I'm often inspired by them. I'm also a co-author of a children's play based on Michigan children's author Patricia Polacco's picture book I Can Hear the Sun. This play was produced by Ann Arbor's Wild Swan Theatre in 2015.


In the class this semester we’ll read books, engage in lots of different activities, and have guest speakers. We'll approach our subject from many angles. And I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the books we’ll read!


See you in class on January 18!


– Jennifer Burd