Fall 2016 Syllabi

ENG 131.77 Fall 2016 VanKirk Syllabus

ENG 131.77 Fall 2016 VanKirk Syllabus

by Austin Vankirk -
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English 131A.77

Writing Experience I

Fall 2016

Class meets Tuesday and Thursdays

in LEN 227, 9:00–10:20am

This class makes use of JetNet. You can reach our section on JetNet by navigating your brower to

www.jccmi.edu. Click JetNet Online Classes, and then login. Last, select ENG 131.77 from the left-hand

column on the page—you’ve arrived at the right place.

Austin VanKirk

Office: LEN 207

Hours in Office: Tuesday, 10:30–11:00am and 12:30–1:30pm (and by Skype appt. as needed)

English Dept. Phone: (517) 796-8582

Email: vankirkaustind@jccmi.edu

(this is the best way to reach me)