Spring 2016 Syllabi



by Nancy Levant -
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Greetings and welcome to JCC's Spring semester and English 132.02.  Please print and bring your syllabus to the first class session and bring a highlighter pen as well.  It is important that you read the syllabus to know what supplies you need to bring to all classes, but we will go over the syllabus in detail, which is where highlighter pens are necessary.  Please note that attendance in the first class session is mandatory, and that regular attendance is critically important in the shortened Spring semester.  Pay attention to the attendance policy in the syllabus.

Also note that JetNet divides semesters into 16 weeks.  The Spring semester, however, is 13 weeks.  As such, due dates for assigned papers will be posted on JetNet based on a 13 week schedule.  Equally, the syllabus will be slightly altered to accommodate the shortened semester.

Please watch your JetNet account for additional ENG 132.02 news, updates and postings prior to our first class session on May 23.  Enjoy your break, and I will see you soon.

Nancy Levant