Fall 2015 Syllabi

CIS 101.H50

CIS 101.H50

by Ronald Harris -
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This Introduction To Computers Class is taught by Ron Harris.
It meets on Wednesdays from 6:00 Pm to 7:56pm in WA 117.

The course runs from 9/23/2015  to  12/16/2015

Come prepared for the first day of class by purchasing a minimum
of a course access code from the bookstore.  There is an e-book available
for use on-line.  If you consider yourself an intermediate user this option may
be sufficient.  If you are a beginner and prefer a hard copy of the two text books,
they are available in the bookstore.   We will be using the access codes that come
with the books or the ones purchased separately for those that do not want a book.
All of your work is completed on-line using the MyITlab.com system.  So, having your
access codes will allow you to get registered on the first day of class. 

If you miss the first day of class you will miss all the help given to help you get registered
on-line.  So, do plan on attending if all possible as it is much easier to get everyone on the
same page by watching videos and other tips on the process together.   While it is possible to
miss the first day and still pass the class, it is not the preferred method getting started and will
be much more difficult for you to do on your own.