Winter 2014 Syllabi



by Crystal Starr -
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 Course Description:

 This course will help the student to explore the world through a sociologist’s eyes. The course context will highlight and demonstrate the relevance of sociology to everyday life. Each chapter provides engaging first-person narratives that illustrate social issues in the context of real people’s lives. These narratives establish themes woven throughout each chapter in terms of theories and concepts discussed in class.

 The course will integrate race, class, and gender issues, and present sociological theory as it pertains to diversity and inequality. In addition, a sociological view of contemporary studies involving intergroup relations and cultural differentiation connects our understanding of how intergroup relations continually change.

 Concluding, our discourse will investigate the relationship between social change and collective behavior, the development of social movements and research based on analyzing current social movements. Will we ask probing questions on frame analysis often highlighting recurring patterns, which influence economic, political, psychological, and sociological factors.