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About JCC Online

JCC Online is a means of earning college credit via the Internet.  Course credits earned in an online course apply to your degree in the same way that credits earned in a traditional college classroom do.  JCC Online courses transfer to two- and four-year colleges, making your college goals of furthering or completing your education a reality.  With online courses you have the ability to take lectures and complete other classroom activities without the normal time or space restrictions.  JCC Online is idea for students who are self-motivated and disciplined with the desire to have added flexibility in their schedules.

Online courses might be a good fit for you if:
    You are comfortable navigating the Internet

    You are comfortable navigating the Internet

    You have time in your schedule to add a course commitment

Course Commitment   

In a typical online course, you can expect one credit hour to equal about one hour of class attendance and two hours of homework each week.  Laboratory, technical, and performance classes often require more time in class.  This means that if you're taking a 3-credit class, you'll spend at least nine (9) hours a week working on that class (approximately 3 hours in class and 6 hours studying).

Quality Through Experience

JCC is at the forefront of the creation of distance learning.  In 1987 the college began the distance-learning concept with satellite campuses that blossomed into telecourses, two-way interactive courses, and now onto the World Wide Web (Internet).  In fact, JCC is a major player within the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative (MCCVLC - he collaborative virtual college that allows students to take courses from other member colleges and still receive support from their home college).  All online classes are consistent with the MCCVLC.  Since JCC has been doing all this for over two decades, we have experience you can trust.

Because we have that experience, we can boast that we are the only college in Michigan that offers online programs in Sonography and Vascular Technology.