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How to change your profile instructions

How to change your message options

Activity stream, Popup notification, Email, and Alert badge notification are the four types of messaging a user can set for notifications from Moodle. With these different options a user can be connected and updated on all the happenings inside of their courses how they feel best works for them. Follow the steps below to set up messaging preferences that give control over what gets emailed and when.

Locate the Administration block in the course, select My profile settings, click "Messaging."

My profile settings under the Administration block

Notes: These preferences are in addition to those listed in the "Edit profile" section, so remember, too, to adjust forum subscription preferences there as well in terms of whether to automatically subscribe or not, etc.

Select Messaging options for each communication type.

Configure notification methods:

1. Activity stream: If enabled, will send the notification to the users Activity stream.

2. Popup notification: If enabled, the notification will pop-up from the system tray.

3. Email: If enabled, the notification is sent as an e-mail.

4. Alert badge notification: If enabled, the notification will appear as an alert in the Alert badge.

Notifications can be sent logged in/offline depending on selections made in these settings.

Select "Email" When I'm offline for Subscribed forum posts to ensure an email of the post is sent even when offline.

Enter Jabber ID here to send/receive Jabber messages.

Note: A Jabber server and site settings need to be configured for Jabber messages to be sent/received.

Enter an email address to have Emails sent to an address other than the one used in the user profile.

Don't forget to click the "Update profile."