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JetNet (Moodle) Tutorials for Students


Girl Doing Online Homework LicenseAttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by CollegeDegrees360 on FlickrIf you're taking online courses, try to have one web browser that you use only for your classes and another web browser that you use for everything else. For example, you might use Firefox for your online classes and Google Chrome for everything else, like checking your email, using Facebook, etc.

Recommended minimum browser: Firefox 4, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, 

Internet Explorer isn't recommended for Moodle unless you are using version 8 (IE 10 or later required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle).

Take some time to learn how to do some of the basic functions within JetNet (Moodle).

  1. Learn how to submit an assignment file
  2. Learn how to change your profile instructions
  3. Learn how to add a topic to a discussion forum file
  4. Learn how to reply to a forum post file
  5. Learn how to take a quiz file
  6. Learn how to check your grades

Each of these step-by-step tutorials will help guide you to succeed with this week's assignments. Feel free to bookmark them if you find them useful.

There are many more tutorials you can find with a simple search!